Safer betting and gaming

We strive to protect our customers by investing millions into research, education, and treatment initiatives. In 2021 we introduced ARC™ – Advanced Responsibility and Care™ – which takes a technology-led intelligent approach to risk reduction. Using revolutionary AI technology, ARC™ operates in real-time, and crucially, it is individually tailored for each customer. Developed in collaboration with leading experts such as Harvard Medical School Faculty, ARC™ represents a fundamental shift in our approach to player protection with a model that encompasses 26 markers of protection, and an accuracy rating of over 90%. At the end of 2022, ARC was rolled out to 22 jurisdictions globally.

We were pleased to see the success of this approach recognised in May 2022 with the award of the Advanced Safer Gambling Standard by GamCare, the leading UK safer betting and gaming charity. Entain was awarded the highest level of accreditation (Advanced Level 3) for its online activities, and Advanced Level 2 for its land-based activities, underlining Entain’s sector-leading approach to safer gambling.

In addition to the ARC™ programme, which cuts across the pillars of our Changing for the Bettor strategy, we continue to deliver on the seven areas through our other initiatives:

1. Understand the problem
To reduce gambling harm, we need to know as much as possible about it. So, we're funding research to help us find the best solution.
2. Educate stakeholders
We're helping to educate thousands of young people and professionals about potential risks of gambling harm and how to avoid them.

3. Promote responsible attitudes
Through advertising, marketing and sponsorships we're promoting social responsibility.
4. Empower customers
Within' our products, we're adding features that help customers to gamble safely. Within our processes we're using tech to lead the way in detecting problematic play, and within our industry we're working to collaborate and innovate.
5. Fund treatment for those in need
We're funding treatment and support for people who suffer from gambling harm.
6. Champion responsible product design
With 'responsible design' principles, we're making sure our products are safe as well as fun.
7. Change ourselves for the bettor
At Entain, safer betting and gaming everyone's business. We're making sure that everyone we work with knows safer betting and gaming is core to all that we do.

ARC™ is our pioneering approach to customer protection, by limiting customer exposure to risk at an individual level. It switches our player protection approach from reactive to proactive, and allows players to receive the intervention they need in real time, not after the fact. ARC™ represents a fundamental shift in our approach to player protection, and is the driving force behind our vision to be the go-to platform for safe play.

ARC™ Protector Model encompasses 26 markers of protection. It combines the industry-leading Mindway AI algorithm with Entain’s own activity-based algorithmic modelling. The accuracy of this modelling has been assessed by EPIC Risk Management, the independent harm-minimisation consultancy, to exceed 90%.

Phase one of the programme utilising a unique predictive Protector Model has now been rolled-out to 22 of the Group’s international markets, while the phase two, which provides the addition of real-time interactions, now live in nine.

ARC™ 2.0 is now fully live and operational across all of the Group’s thirteen UK-facing brands, bringing with it a suite of enhancements. These include the addition of new real-time interaction triggers, generated when the system’s AI identifies increased risk factors in a player’s behaviour. Criteria for these triggers include; unusual deposits; increased time spent on sites; use of multiple payments types and; declined deposits.

ARC™ Results

An assessment of ARC’s™ performance in the UK in 2022 found:

  • Over 3.7m interactions and interventions proactively delivered for more than 670,000 unique players
  • ARC™ is driving uptake in our gambling controls with 97% of higher risk, and over 73% of medium risk customers using gambling controls following interventions
  • The most successful ARC™  model* resulted in a 36% drop in customer risk rating following an intervention

*Based on ARC’s™ real time unusual deposits feature

We are committed to building trusted relationships with customers, regulators, local communities, and sports organisations alike and maintain constant dialogue across jurisdictions with regulatory bodies such as the UK Gambling Commission’s Sports Betting Intelligence Unit and the Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner, together with the respective Sports’ Governing Bodies (SGB’s) for all matters of sports betting integrity.

We are members of the Sports Betting Integrity Forum, which manages Britain's Action Plan for protecting integrity in sport and sports betting.

Entain are also Anti-Corruption Supporters of the Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC), a ‘not-for-profit’ member organisation that works with esports stakeholders to protect the integrity of esports competition.