Our customers are at the heart of our business, so everything we do revolves around them. From providing our customers with moments of excitement, to keeping them protected and supported.  
As Group Director of the Customer Services Division, I’m passionate about driving customer centricity, and providing the very best experiences for all of our customers around the world. For me, caring for the customer means providing a personalised service for each of our customers, being available to support them at times of need, being empathetic and agile, ensuring we’re always listening, and understanding our customers’ needs. 
And how do we ensure we follow through on this promise to keep customers at the heart? The Customer Services division recently came together to create and launch our internal motto – “You Bet We Care.” It’s something that all of us contributed to, and therefore believe in. We hold ourselves accountable to this motto in everything we do. 
It's important to remember that our job isn't just about replying to queries in as quick a time as possible, it’s about resolving them – that’s what really matters to our customers, and there is a big difference between the two. It’s easy to fixate on how long each conversation should take, but our mindset and ultimate goal at Entain is the resolution – we want our customers to leave each conversation with the information they need, and with a feeling that they have been supported in the best way possible.

It’s about making all of our customers, wherever they are in the world, have the best experiences with us.

Our Customer Services division not only supports our brands all over the world, but also is happy to lend a hand to our partners such as BetMGM during special events. For example, with Super Bowl being such a milestone moment for BetMGM, we allocated over 100 of our colleagues to assist and make sure that their customers have a great experience with us. We all belong to one team here at Entain, so our philosophy on how we engage with our customers, needs to be consistent. 
Likewise, when we grow as a business, it’s about making all of our customers, wherever they are in the world, have the best experiences with us.  
M&A, for example, is a fantastic opportunity for us at Entain, as it allows us to have insight into other businesses, share our best practices, and also understand what we can do to improve our own business. In the world of Customer Services, the same applies, if there are practices that work for the business we have acquired, let’s try them out. Choosing the best practices that work for us as a Group and applying them across the board is the most important thing.  
In addition to our successful initiatives such as our Advanced Responsibility & Care programme (ARCTM), we have reports in place that are reviewed manually, like our ‘Key RG Words’ triggers through various technology providers. We have identified specific words and phrases that customers use which could suggest that there are reasons for concern. Our Customer Protection teams are trained to manually review these messages and, if there is a problem, they will ensure that our customers are provided with the support they need, giving that extra layer. We go above and beyond to care and protect our customers, and this is just one example of that in action.

Innovative solutions like our Chat Bot help improve the overall customer experience, which means that they have trust in our brands.

As our business grows and our customers' behaviours evolve, we're continuously future proofing our Customer Services operation, and looking at ways to streamline and improve our processes. For example, with more and more of our customers now using social media to engage with businesses, many of our brands now offer support via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.  
We have also been driving our self-service Chat Bot solution forward. Now covering five languages, the Chat Bot can provide instant advice and answers to our customers, for queries such as a forgotten password. In busier times, this means that more customers are being dealt with without delay. Innovative solutions like this help improve the overall customer experience with quicker resolution time, which means our customers have trust in our brands and remain loyal to us.  
With another exciting year ahead for Entain and our brands, we're continuing to work in accordance with our strategy, which for us means delivering the best levels of customer care and protection when our customers need it most.

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