Our traders have been at the forefront of this technological movement, using their passion for sports, talent and utilising tech to provide exciting and entertaining experiences.

To shine a light on the work that Entain is doing in this space, we decided to speak to Arild Ostbo, Head of Sports at Entain, as part of the Entain Insights podcast series. In this fascinating podcast, dive into some of the intricacies of sports betting, how odds are calculated, and how Entain differentiates itself from its competitors.

Revolutionising the customer experience:

We’re determined to offer our customers trailblazing gaming and betting experiences. Through harnessing industry-leading next generation trading tools, our team of traders can offer customers extended in-play betting options on a record-breaking number of sports, leagues and disciplines. As a result, at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Entain customers were able to bet on 33 different sports and 339 disciplines, more than any of our industry competitors.

Odds like no other:

Though we are one of the UK’s leading sports betting and gaming operators, at Entain we continuously strive to differentiate ourselves from our competitors to provide exciting, innovative products for our customers. With our own proprietary technology, operated by our highly specialised in-house teams, we can deliver at speed, to a high-quality. For example, in the pre-match interval before the Superbowl, we offered some 1000 different betting markets (a specific type or category of bet – for example, predicted winner or final score), more than any other operator.

Constantly evolving our tech offering:

Like any other industry, the role of technology in sports betting is constantly evolving. At Entain, technology is at the heart of our customer offer, allowing our team to keep pushing the boundaries of what’s possible and to provide customers with the best experiences in the market. The Entain platform combines our technology, our people and our capabilities working together and in harmony to provide moments of excitement for our customers.

Calculating odds and managing risks:

It is the responsibility of our traders to ensure they use their technical expertise to create fair odds for the customer, whilst managing the risk associated with betting. When calculating our extensive in-play betting options, our traders utilise a game’s constantly changing spread and total expectancies (i.e. the range and number of potential outcomes) to control prices. Not only are our traders meticulous in the way they calculate fair prices, they also minimise risk through extensive liability measurements, allowing us to operate in a responsible way for our customers.

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Arild Ostabo - Head of Sports


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PODCAST: Arild Ostabo - Head of Sports