The sports betting and gaming revolution at Entain has only just begun. Things move fast and, over the past year, our business has evolved dramatically. Our strategic direction has been defined and we’re on a journey of growth with sustainability at our core, all fuelled by our industry leading proprietary technology.

While there has been a lot of buzz and excitement about where we’re heading as a company, fundamental to everything we achieve are our people. The Entain footprint reaches all over the world, from India to Australia, the Philippines to Ireland.

With our colleagues around the world all working as one to deliver on our strategy, we wanted to give our people the opportunity to share in Entain’s continued success, enabling them to own their own stake in the company. Now, as a result of the launch of our ShareSave plan, ownership of Entain options can be purchased at a discounted rate by staff members worldwide. Contributions to the plan can start from £5 per month, putting share ownership within the reach of everyone who wishes to partake.

Entain has been one of the highest performing companies in the FTSE-100 over the past year, which is the result of hard work and efforts from teams across our international business… Building a strong customer-centric culture where everyone contributes and shares in our continuing success is really important, so this plan is designed to be attractive and accessible to all.

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ShareSave will be available to colleagues working in countries representing around 99% of our workforce. A £100 monthly cap on contributions has been introduced to reflect the truly global nature of our business and currency differences across the workforce, with the aim of maximizing the appeal to all our colleagues