The overwhelming majority of the adult gaming population enjoy betting and gaming as part of their entertainment. However, there is a small minority who run into problems. Thankfully, in July 2021, the Gambling Commission found that the number of problem gamblers has fallen from 0.6% to 0.3% of the UK population – and we aim to do all we can to reduce this number further.

However, there is absolutely no room for complacency, one problem gambler is one too many and, Entain is determined to build on the positive trends, and tackle problem gambling with the upmost urgency. Indeed, it is these very efforts that are helping to minimise gambling related harm.

Entain has been working tirelessly to put in place innovative systems and preventative measures to reduce the number of problem gamblers still further – and we are leading the industry in tackling this issue. That principle is fundamental to our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) efforts.

As such we were very pleased to report great progress through the first results from the trials of our Advanced Responsibility & Care™ (ARC™) Programme at our recent “Entain Sustain” ESG event on 10 November 2021, held in central London and broadcast globally. ARC™ is our pioneering approach to customer protection through which we limit individuals’ exposure to risk.

Watch our video below to find out how ARC™ works:

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Entain ARC

These trials reflect significant work over many years as Entain pioneered a safer gambling strategy to lead the industry. Working with Harvard Medical School’s Division on Addiction Research, we have been able to better understand the causes of problem gambling behaviour enabling us to intervene at the earliest possible stage to reduce the potential for problems to develop.

We have also worked closely with EPIC Risk Management, the UK’s leading independent gambling harm minimisation consultancy, who have advised us on the best approach to interacting with customers showing signs of problem gambling, as well as how to promote gambling awareness and deliver workshops on responsible gambling.
Using behavioural indicators, data science and analytics to assess risk in betting and gaming, ARC™ works behind the scenes using advanced artificial intelligence to learn from and identify risks in player behaviour. Upon identifying these risks, Entain can intervene to protect our customers before a problem develops.

Through trials so far, we have:

  • Developed a number of new risk-assessment models to identify potential risks of harm through sophisticated markers of protection. The new markers include additional checks on fluctuations in stake levels, erratic play during a single session and signs that a player might be chasing losses. These new measures signal a significant increase in the markers of protection employed by Entain when looking to protect our customers. EPIC Risk Management have independently assessed the new model and verified a very high correlation level of identifying potential issues with an over 80% accuracy rating

  • Significantly increased the use of account controls to support higher risk players through a complete redesign of the user experience and customer communications. Our on-site interactive interceptors have resulted in 91% of high risk players (as defined by the Gambling Commission) showing a reduction in risky play

  • Been able to identify customers who deposit more than they usually would within a session, through real-time advanced analytics. We are then able to offer customers a chance to reassess their depositing before stepping in if they do not put in place controls themselves. We are pleased to have seen a 25% decrease in deposits following the initial interaction, and a 75% decrease in the number of players who previously would have continued to increase their spending

Our commitment to safer gambling is a crucial component of our ESG ambitions and the findings of our ARC

“I have a personal ambition that Entain should become a leader in the critically important area of ESG,” said Entain CEO, Jette Nygaard-Andersen.

“Our commitment to safer gambling is a crucial component of our ESG ambitions and the findings of our ARC™ trials show that the programme is delivering unprecedented levels of change in protection for those at risk, using our innovative proprietary technology to do so,” she added.

Our ARC™ technology is industry-leading and will significantly extend behavioural indicators used to identify players potentially at risk. Trials of ARC™ began six months ago in the UK and results to date show clearly that ARC is successfully limiting potentially risky behaviours.

At Entain, we truly believe this represents the future of safer gambling. If we want to live in a society which allows the majority to have the freedom to play as they want while protecting the interests of the minority, we must embrace technology.

We have by no means reached the end point – ARC™ is in the process of endless improvement. It is tested continuously, evaluated by expert analysts, tweaked endlessly and enhanced carefully. Nor is ARC™ market-specific; in due course, we hope to see the system expanded and localised to other countries and industries. An international approach for a global company.

Entain truly is taking the lead in this area of industry sustainability.

I have a personal ambition that Entain should become a leader in the critically important area of ESG

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Jette Nygaard-Andersen