As part of the Entain Voices podcast series, we speak to Mitch Vidler, Director of Marketing Analytics at Entain, to understand what it takes to be a data scientist and how we’re looking to expand the team and prioritise data analytics as part of our operations.

Bucking the industry trend:

Our commitment to technology, innovation and the data scientists that deliver it sets Entain apart from its peers and has enable us to deliver continuous growth across the world at scale. Expanding our team of data scientists and analysts gives us the ability to maintain our status as the leading, technology-led, global operator in our industry.

Refining our approach and optimising the results:

Thanks to our technical expertise and know-how, we’re able to analyse and assess our marketing performance in real-time. By having a team that is fully integrated in the campaign aspect of marketing activity, we’re able to influence, alter and optimise our output. It’s why we’ve been so successful at what we do on a global scale. This is a key part of our competitive advantage, enabling us to personalise our offer to customers, engage them with relevant content to make those little moments of excitement more personal.

Advancing safer betting and gaming:

Our technology also enables us to overlay important behavioural analysis provided by Dr Mark Griffiths to provide a safety net to our customers to help reduce problem play. This is also what is driving our ARC programme to provide unprecedented levels of player protection. ARC is currently undergoing trials in the UK, with the aim of deploying it more fully in the UK across the summer.

In our data driven world, the value of people could not be more important:

As a global business with operations in 27 markets, we can safely say that no two markets are the same. There are local nuances to datasets that systems cannot ratify and comprehend, and that’s where our people come into their own. Using local expertise is core to our marketing data, helping us meet regulatory requirements and giving insight into best practice when it comes to performance analytics. It’s an asset that we simply couldn’t do without.

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Mitch Vidler - Director of Marketing Analytics


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PODCAST: Mitch Vidler - Director of Marketing Analytics