It has been more than six months since I took on the role of CEO here at Entain and just over a year and a half since I joined the business. In that time, Entain has undergone change at a tremendous rate; far more than just a change of name, we’ve embedded a new and dynamic strategy, a new direction of travel and an identity that matches our vision and purpose.

My time spent as a NED at Entain prior to taking the helm as CEO has enabled me to contribute to the strategic direction of the business and form it into the global growth strategy we operate today. With momentum underway, now is the time to take steps forward and evolve the way we operate this amazing company.

These steps forward are key for our future vision. Throughout this Newsletter, you’ll find out about some of the strides we’ve made as an organisation in order to make that a reality.

In tandem with our strategy, built on the twin pillars of sustainability and growth, and underpinned by technology and innovation, our continued emphasis on customer centricity has been embedded into our direction of travel. Focusing on your customers has always proved to be the best recipe for success and Entain is no different. Having the ability to provide the best and most exciting experiences for our customers will be pivotal to our future success.

With momentum underway, now is the time to take steps forward and evolve the way we operate this amazing company.

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Giving the customer the most exciting experience must be a given, but adding to that our powerful technology and forward leaning innovative mindset are key differentiators of our customer offer. With tech developing at pace, thriving through digital innovation will also, ultimately, give us an edge at an organisational level. That’s why we’re tapping into the possibilities that high-speed wireless connectivity and immersive experiences can offer and pushing the boundaries further by expanding our horizon into the world of interactive entertainment.

Through customer-driven insights, we understand the growing and fast-changing needs of today’s consumers. They demand even better experiences, richer content and greater social interaction as the worlds of betting, gaming, media and entertainment converge. By building on the content, media and innovation we already deliver today we believe we have the vision and the skills to deliver a future of excitement and wider entertainment for millions of consumers around the world. Doing this will create powerful flywheel effects enabling us to grow our customer base, drive retention and grow our revenues.

Entain is a fantastic business, with an embedded entrepreneurial culture and I’m excited to lead the amazing people we have to deliver on our ambitions and at least treble the size of our business from today.