Not only does great customer service ensure our customers enjoy playing with us, it impacts everything from customer acquisition and retention to marketing strategy and profitability.

At Entain, our dedicated and integrated customer service team is passionate about enhancing customer experiences with the common goal of continuously improving service delivery. To shine a light on how our customer service teams deliver first-rate service and insight across a range of channels, we spoke with Cynthia Rayos, Head of Customer Service at Entain, as part of the Entain Insights podcast series.

Here are just some of the topics you can hear about in our latest podcast:

Topping the trends of great customer service

Ten years ago, the technology available to customer service teams was minimal, limiting communication between teams and delaying the customer support process. Over time this developed into multi-channel options of phones and email, but where customers and the service they received tended to be siloed into one format or the other. Today, Entain operates an omnichannel approach where all channels are fully integrated, including social media which has continued to grow as the tool of choice for customers wanting to contact us. As a result, we anticipate our customers’ needs and act on them proactively, boosting relationships, acquisition and retention.

Innovation and Training

We’re always looking to improve the customer experience. In customer service, and across the business more broadly, we believe a well-equipped team benefitting from innovative tools and programs is the key to enhancing the sports betting and gaming experience for our customers. Entain stands out amongst our competitors for our support structure, with all first line customer service agents participating in extensive and regular training. We capture all inbound data from our customers to ensure we’re providing the best service to them, now and in the future.

From Reactive to Proactive

Customers are traditionally used to receiving reactive customer service. However, we’re determined to ensure that our customers have a positive experience, one which will make them want to stay with us and, to deliver this, we have made it our mission to provide a proactive service. Our agents focus significant resource on proactive communication, maintaining our FAQs website page and searching for new avenues through which the team can contact customers proactively and resolve outstanding issues.

Making Connections for the Future

It is the responsibility and priority of our customer service teams to not only deliver proactive and positive customer experiences, but also constantly to analyse the insight we gather from our CMS tools, determining gaps we can fill and improving the service we offer. As social media and the use of mobile phones for online gaming has grown, we have optimized our tools to cater to these channels, allowing a seamless transition towards the future of gaming.

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Cynthia Rayos - Head of Customer Service


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PODCAST: Cynthia Rayos - Head of Customer Service