With countries opening up at different rates, we’re seeing a slightly different pattern in European Retail stores, but as restrictions eased they are seeing a steady return to pre-Covid levels too.

A change in customer behaviour post-covid has seen customers in the UK make fewer, longer trips to stores and their expectation levels for in-store experience has risen.

Customers see stores as a relaxing place to decompress and unwind during or after a long day, and building our estate around this customer insight is part of Entain’s approach to retail.

Digitalisation is at the heart of Entain’s UK Retail transformation, as we focus on building modern comfortable spaces for customers to enjoy their leisure time.

On Sports, Entain’s self-service betting terminals (SSBT’s) are offering an experience more akin to the digital offering, for example enabling in-play sports betting, a relative first for retail.

Top of the range machines are located near live sports on high quality screens, allowing customers to play and watch at the same time. This is opening up new markets for customers, such as in-play, accumulators and less-traditional in-store sports such as American Football and Cricket, which in turn is changing the way customers engage and play.

We’re rolling out our own in-house proprietary solution for our SSBTs which is now live in over 300 stores and is resonating well with customers. In the meantime we leverages the great software from BGT.

Owning the software ourselves allows Entain to update and develop around emerging customer needs, which is necessary to do at speed as the high-street continues to move towards an experience model.

On Gaming, Entain have the newest and best gaming machines on the market, and continue to invest in the best hardware. These machines deliver an engaging audio-visual experience which can’t be replicated through a mobile or web device.

Entain has invested in new and exciting content through in-house studios and an exclusive partnership with Light & Wonder, delivering a vast library of games to customers – in fact the widest range of exclusion games in the market.

More choice is one of the biggest demands from today’s customer, and regularly bringing fresh content through stores is paramount to meeting customer expectations.

Entain’s strength in customer personalisation, built from years of success Online, is also being applied to Retail. Intelligent systems adapt the front offering of machines depending on what’s popular in the region or even based on street specific insights.

The benefits of intelligent-personalisation for customer experience are well documented Online, and bringing it to our Retail customers is another way we are working to enhance the store experience.

UK Retail

  • c13,500 colleagues (UK&ROI)
  • c2,500 shops (GB), c70 (NI), c130 (ROI), 4 greyhound tracks
  • Shop representation in 119 out of 124 UK postcodes

Italy/Belgium Retail

  • Belgium c600 venues
  • Italy c900 venues

Croatia Retail

  • SuperSport acquisition bringing c360 venues