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Chief Financial Officer’s Review

The Group delivered strong year on year growth in NGR and EBITDA
9 March 2023
Rob Wood

Financial Results and the use of Non-GAAP measures

The Group’s statutory financial information is prepared in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (“IFRS”) and IFRS Interpretations Committee (“IFRS IC”) pronouncements as adopted for use in the European Union. In addition to the statutory information provided, management has also provided additional information in the form of Contribution, EBITDAR and EBITDA as these metrics are industry standard KPIs which help facilitate the understanding of the Group’s performance in comparison to its peers. A full reconciliation of these  non-GAAP measures is provided within the Income Statement and supporting memo.

The Group’s operating segments are aggregated into five reportable segments; Online, Retail, New Opportunities, Other and Corporate. This reporting structure is in line with the Group’s reporting to the executive management team (“CODM”).

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